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My mission is to encourage my students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners, committed to enduring fundamental principles with a drive for innovation and improvement.


I can achieve my mission by empowering my students to become self-regulated learners who know how to ask good questions, set effective goals, pursue their aspirations and have the determination to see their learning as an active and dynamic process.

I believe educational outcomes are profoundly shaped by the teacher-student relationship, and I believe that my success as a teacher depends on that connection and building a foundation of trust with each of my students. By tapping into individual interests, talents, and passions, students blossom both individually and as a community.



  • Student-driven. A strong emphasis is placed on students finding their own information and constructing their own understandings.

  • Focused on conceptual understanding. Concepts are explored in order to both deepen disciplinary understanding and to help students make connections and transfer learning to new contexts.

  • Developed in local and global contexts. Teaching uses real-life contexts and examples, and students are encouraged to process new information by connecting it to their own experiences and to the world around them.

  • Focused on effective teamwork and collaboration. This includes promoting teamwork and collaboration between students but also refers to the collaborative relationship between teachers and students.

  • Inclusive, differentiated, personalized. Teaching is inclusive and values diversity. It affirms students’ identities and aims to create learning opportunities that enable every student to develop and pursue appropriate personal goals.

  • Data-Driven. Assessment plays a crucial role in supporting, as well as measuring, learning.

  • Technology-Integrated. Learning in a rapidly changing landscape requires high levels of information fluency, media literacy, and technology integration, all of which should be structured around computational thinking and digital citizenship, beginning in lower elementary

  • International-Minded. A way of thinking, being and acting that is characterized by an openness to the world, intercultural understanding, and respect. An essential part of life in the 21st century.

Awards & Nominations

Dean's Scholar

Gamma Beta Phi

Lambda Phi Eta

Founder's Scholar

Dean's List

National Honor Society Dean's Scholar

Provost's List

President's Award for Excellence in Education

AP Scholar

Licenses & Certifications

Common Sense Educator - Common Sense Media
Computer Science Fundamentals -
Certified Nearpod Educator - Nearpod
Certified Apple Educator - Apple for Education
Elementary Education (1-8) - Utah School Board Of Education CACTUS 720003

Professional Highlights

Montessori Teacher, Lower Elementary

Murray, Utah

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