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Lesson 2: Surviving Politics

Our Internet Safety Lip Synch

Hello my Students! 


I know you all have received multiple emails from me today, I promise this is the last one.


As many of you already know, I want to do a lip-synch music video to the Internet Safety song, featuring YOU kiddos. This is going to be your one final hoorah to elementary school at RA, and hopefully, it might even prove to be part of your Renaissance legacy. 


The best part: this is an EASY assignment! 


I have taken the script and assigned 1-2 lines to every student. At home, please record yourself singing (lip-synch style,)  your 1-2 assigned lines for the music video. Get into it, use props and whatever else you need to recreate the situations/ your scene as described in the song. Find the assigned lines, the original video recording and full lyrics attached to this email. 



Please, please, please try to create your video blip and send it to me ASAP. I would love to get this put together and released by Friday, but Monday at the very latest. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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